6 thoughts on “Les juridictions des États membres de l’Union européenne

  1. The chaotic nature of certain other languages leads irretrievably to justice based on folklaw, or caselore as their speakers like to call it. They have no place in a post-capitalist Europe.

  2. In the case of my own language, Euro-English or “English” is the closest they can get to English anyway.

    Aren’t we all feeling snarky today!

  3. According to the link it’s a guide put together for the internal use of the ecj that they’ve now decided to publish. Hence the French only.

  4. I must offer my apologies – or say sorry with a posh British accent – as one of the FR/EN translators who did not volunteer for this tedious and time-consuming translation assignment. 27 jurisdictions? No thanks. Maybe others younger, leaner and fitter – with plenty of years to spare on their hands and living off bake beans on toast during staggered instalment payment – will stand up and fill the breach or their breeches.

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