Slow blogging/Viele Pausen

There’s probably no point in saying that blogging may be slow in the next few weeks, since it has also been slow in the last few weeks.

I have added a photo to the entry where you can buy the Pope for your train set, and another to the entry with the ad for a Fürth lawyer.

It seems to me that blogging is slowing down. Some German weblogs, meanwhile, seem to be mutating into food blogs when they weren’t before. This is not a food blog, so I won’t give the recipes for recent successes – sucking pig’s head before and after, and coconut pyramids:

3 thoughts on “Slow blogging/Viele Pausen

  1. I’ve been in that cathedral too! We spent a week at Schluchsee a few years ago, and picked up my MIL from Basel. Stopped there on the way home with her. Also had lunch in Laufenburg.

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