Not awfully good online translation/”Übersetzung” online

1. This is really about legal translation – on fucked translation, kalebeul has done the work on describing the Spanish Facebook translation of civil union (civil partnership) as a homosexual union, thus excluding the heterosexual variant. Here’s the original Lexicool post. (Germany has a Lebenspartnerschaftsgesetz, and the parties are known as Lebenspartner).

2. This is interesting: machine translation, such as Google Translate, can be helpful in giving the gist of a web page. But what do people think when they read such gibberish without explanation? Here is an IKEA Hack in gibberish: Portable drawer … a box of second growth … This seems to have caused no unrest – of course, the photos help. The list of products is almost correct. Second growth seems to mean resurrection. This sounds a bit disgusting, though:

I just painted, I set the rear side, standing in the rolled up in my wrapping paper.

This is puzzling too – the original (Hungarian) must have meant something:

Here it is important enough for accurate measurement….(this is unfortunately the experience of my sentence:))

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