Zahn Dictionary Bank- und Börsenwesen Deutsch-Englisch available in Acolada

Zahn’s excellent dictionary of banking and stock trading DE>EN, which has made the shortlist of paper dictionaries within reach of my desk, is now available – actually in both directions, I gather – in a digital edition compatible with other Acolada dictionaries. Here’s the page about the download. Apparently there used to be a digital edition but that stopped ten years ago.
More information plus a sample at Kater Verlag.

It seems there is a 7th ed DE>EN in print and a 6th edition EN>DE, both 2015 (I have the 6th ed. DE>EN, 2011).
Entspricht den Print-Ausgaben Deutsch-Englisch: 7. Auflage 2015 und Englisch-Deutsch: 6. Auflage 2015

7 thoughts on “Zahn Dictionary Bank- und Börsenwesen Deutsch-Englisch available in Acolada

  1. I know the Kater-Verlag website mentions a new edition, but I can’t find any mention of it on the publisher’s website (Fritz Knapp Verlag). While of course I would welcome a new edition of Zahn, I wonder if Kater-Verlag got their edition numbers mixed up…

  2. I think you must be right – it seems a bit too early. Their catalogue mentions only the current versions. The Kater Verlag page does link to sales of the print edition ‘bisherige Auflage’ though, so he seems to have known what he was writing. Maybe the publisher intended to get new editions out for the Buchmesse and has failed to do so. ‘Demnächst in elektronischer Version verfügbar’ suggests the catalogue is a bit out of date.
    Did you see the subscription option on the Acolada site, giving you vocabulary updates?

    • Christiane Bohnert on the ATA GLD newsgroup (thanks Christiane!) indicated that this electronic version from Acoloda is indeed basically a new edition of the last print dictionaries, with quite a significant number of new entries, though Acolada is rather short on the detail. So I think a mail to Acolada asking for more detailed information would be the next step. After all, a new edition of Zahn – and in electronic form at that – will certainly help lighten the autumn gloom a bit.

  3. I suppose the thing to do is to compare Kater Verlag’s sample with the current print edition. I can’t see a big difference at first glance – some terms come up in a different sequence because of the different alphabetical organization. Then one will probably buy the dictionary. I could use it together with Dietl, and I even have a big Langenscheidt dictionary in Acolada format that I haven’t been using recently.

  4. That’s interesting – I hadn’t heard that and was wondering if the end of these big dictionaries had come. Obviously the publishers are competing with the internet so no doubt electronic is the way to go.

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