Eleven years

This blog has now been running for eleven years.

Contrary to appearances, I have a lot of ideas to post.

However, first of all I need to change the software, because every time there is a spam attack, the provider’s server gets into difficulties. I haven’t got much time when I can do that.

On top of that, the broadband here has broken down and is about to be upgraded. The attached ancient Linksys router was what couldn’t be repaired. I have been existing on a T-Mobile-USB stick, but that has caused difficulties to my virtual machine. When the broadband is upgraded, I will have to set up a new network, which I have forgotten how to do. And in order to reinstall STAR Transit, I have to deactivate it (if I can) and reactivate it. Downloading the manuals, which did not contain the relevant information, finished my T-Mobile downloading options for the foreseeable future. The boiler has also broken down, but fortunately it is warm at the moment.

I do have an official work website, but I haven’t accessed that for ages and it gives the impression I’m in Germany.

This post was written yesterday, in case I can’t get online again quickly.

Here are some pictures to compensate.

Door closed:

Heavily protected NHS dentists:

No junk mail:

A selfie:

LATER NOTE: Bettina has blogged on our first online meeting and the old internet days.